This past month has been so hectic at work and I am in desperate need of a holiday. I'm still working on convincing my sister to take the plunge and commit to another #sistersister trip, so in the meantime, packing lists will have to do. I'm thinking of a beach holiday with nothing but a bamboo bungalow near the Andaman Sea, sand, yoga, and seafood. This über minimal packing list covers all the essentials. 


Recently I read this article in Condé Nast Traveler magazine, hailing Vayarta slip ons as the best travel shoe. I had actually come across the design before and had talked myself out of getting a pair. A few weeks of constant travel for work, I decided I was still in need of a versatile work shoe that could easily go from train station/airport to workplace. 

Vayarta Slip On

After a few google image searches and reading up I was convinced. I love the minimalist design, they are laid back and understated yet chic. They are hand-dyed and handmade in Mexico, another positive factor in my books. 

Vayarta Slip On

When I finally received them I was surprised with how comfortable they were. The soles have just enough padding to feel like a slipper, yet the structured enough to feel supported. I've been wearing these slip ons to work for two weeks and could not love them more - I definitely recommend every avid traveler having a pair!


D and I are headed to Spain at the end of the month for E and A's wedding in Marbella. After spending a week in Costa del Sol, we are planning a quick road trip to Lisbon via Seville. These are a few pieces I plan on packing (though, let's be honest - they don't differ from the usual). I first took my boater hat to Thailand in June and loved how much protection was provided from the extra wide brim. The sporty yet sexy cut of this Mikoh bikini makes it versatile for beach, pool, and everything in between. This cotton Everlane dress I originally purchased to wear to work will definitely be coming along as well. It's been great for the high summer temperatures in Shanghai and the side pockets make it all the more functional for traveling.