I've been putting off blogging for awhile and fully embracing the 'part-time' aspect of my instagram title. To kick off summer David and I went to Marbella for a family holiday. I still don't think I got my fill of fried fish and cold claras. Already looking forward to a trip back over Christmas holidays. 

In other summer news, it seems I wore white as much as possible (also stayed indoors as much as possible with Shanghai's recording-breaking high temps). My girlfriend May and I joined a pilates studio and have been loving it - even recruiting a few more friends to join us in the madness. It also helps that there are some great cocktail spots nearby for a small refresher after class!


This weekend I attended Feast Food Festival hosted by The Place. The event featured chefs Kelley Lee (Liquid Laundry), Danyi Gao (Shake), Jenny Gao (FlyByJing), Paul Eschbach (Jean-Georges, Mercato), Julio Gomez (Tomatito), Kim Melvin (Commune Social), Carlos Sotomayor (el Efante), Simon Sunwoo (Cobra Lily/Liquid Laundry) as well as new talent Daphne Cheng, a vegan chef out of New York.

For drinks, was a wonderfully crafted beer garden featuring Raphael Holzer (Hong Kong’s Yardbird), Colin Tait (Shake, Heyday), Daniel An (Taste Buds Cocktail Palace) and more. 

All of the food we sampled was delicious and presented beautifully. The live music and casual rooftop atmosphere made for a perfect pre-summer picnic vibe. 


After Jakarta I didn't think I would take part in another Color Run, though when the even came to Shanghai, I found myself registering for the first of four race times. The event was held in the far east corner of Pudong district and we were lucky enough to have blue skies throughout.