Reflecting on the past year...

Like many, I am more than ready to say 'Bye Felicia' to 2017. But this morning while looking back at some old insta posts to create the #bestnine2017, I was reminded of some great moments that took place this year. David and I have moved to a new area of Shanghai and have made a point to explore more of the city, especially rooftops, food festivals, and live music events. We rediscovered parts of China/Indonesia while playing tour guide with David's younger sister and new husband.  In Japan, we had a relaxing holiday wandering around Kyoto and Nara. 

We traveled to the US - twice! I took part in six races this year and have been persuasive enough to recruit some colleagues to join a few local 5Ks. For some reason, I've already registered for a half marathon in April...we'll see how that goes! Which reminds me, I still need to sit down and write out #goals for 2018 at some point today before 2017 is officially over.