I've been putting off blogging for awhile and fully embracing the 'part-time' aspect of my instagram title. To kick off summer David and I went to Marbella for a family holiday. I still don't think I got my fill of fried fish and cold claras. Already looking forward to a trip back over Christmas holidays. 

In other summer news, it seems I wore white as much as possible (also stayed indoors as much as possible with Shanghai's recording-breaking high temps). My girlfriend May and I joined a pilates studio and have been loving it - even recruiting a few more friends to join us in the madness. It also helps that there are some great cocktail spots nearby for a small refresher after class!


Running buddy Claire and I kind of accidentally registered for this half marathon in Yinchuan. Turned out to be a great trip to a place that previously wasn't on our radar. There were some cool sites just outside of the city - like the Western Xia Mausoleums - where we ran into many other runners touring before the race. Yinchuan has a high muslim population with culture and cuisine that is very different to east coast China. 

And now for a montage of me in orange - yuck. It was a bit of a struggle getting our race packs as two of the five foreigners registered for the race but finally we got our bibs and trackers. We stayed in the Kempinski Hotel which was just across the street from the starting point which was super convenient. This was the first race that I tried muscle tape and I LOVE IT. My legs did not get tired until well beyond the halfway point.  

I'm very proud of myself for completing the half and am looking forward to the next race - hopefully in a location with better air quality AND proper training beforehand. My pace was a lot slower than I would have liked, but work got in the way and I hadn't really been training the two months leading up to the big day. Possibly Shanghai Marathon this November?


Something I wanted to focus on this year was healthy eating. Granted, I've always eaten pretty healthy (thanks mom and dad!) but with constant travel for work and living in Shanghai during the boom of food delivery apps - we ended up ordering-in A LOT over the past year. Luckily, this didn't mean a drastic change in what I was eating, but rather making it more of a focus.

I recommitted to using the Monbento lunch boxes we had by following some inspiration boards on Pinterest and Instagram. I also upped my accessories game - the salad dressing container and stainless steel cutlery made a big difference in the meals I was able to pack. Sometimes when feeling particularly proud of my packing, I snap a photo - this helps keep me motivated and provides tracking of what I am eating (in a really low-maintenance sort of way). 

1. Monbento lunch boxes     2. Kate and Kimi    3. Lizzy's All Natural

Because we are both often on the road for work, using a grocery delivery service is super helpful. This allows me to plan out meals and shopping in advance, schedule a delivery time convenient for our schedule, and not have to worry whether I'll be able to find certain ingredients or if I've got everything on my list. Not to mention, I have more time for myself - the last thing I want to do after a train journey is run around to the shops and lug everything back home. 

I've been using Kate and Kimi since arriving in Shanghai for a couple of reasons. First of all, they have far more organic and meat substitute products than the other online retailers which being pescatarian is much appreciated. Kate and Kimi also offers a wide range of ready made meals and snacks - which I buy if I'm pinched for time or use for inspiration if I'm feeling creative. Lastly, the full range of Lizzy's All Natural smoothies etc. is available on their site. If you're interested in trying out Kate and Kimi, use the code below to receive a discount on your first order!